We enjoy nature, we love riding waves, descending slopes, sliding on the snow. Our lifestyle depends on this big playground so called world and its time for us to start giving back.

GK wants to provide the tools and information needed for riders to make more informed decisions when choosing gear, planning trips and navigating life.

When people are making purchasing decisions, they expect some issues to have been dealt with and may not be aware that retailers are delegating to them much of the responsibility to make the “right” choice. As a result, people’s concerns are not always reflected on their shop floor choices.


recycled wax combs

Upcycling with SEAFORM

We are making recycled surf wax combs from ocean plastic! Upcycling, is the process waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new ones of better quality and environmental value.

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Bilbao Surf Film Festival

What a great weekend in Bilbao! Workshop sessions with the ikastolas (local schools) about ocean plastic pollution and climate change. As usual, we’ve focused on

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What is in the surf wax you use?

Paraffin wax can negatively impact the environment because of its chemical makeup. Traditional surf wax is created with petrochemicals, which aren’t biodegradable and are toxic

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