Is it more important to leave a better world for our children, or to leave better children for the world?
We believe both are important, if we now do our job, our children will take care later. 
Our vision is to create experiences for kids that will spur their appreciation, respect and understanding for the environment, the planet and a healthier lifestyle. We are now building a program to take kids outdoors, let them connect again with nature and teach them the basics on how our world works and not only how the system works.

For the first time in human history, more people lives in cities than in rural environments. Instead of inhabiting wide open green spaces we live in crowded concrete jungles, spending over 90% of our time indoors and away from the natural environment.


Educación medioambiental

NEW Kids For the Future program

After carrying out numerous actions in the educational centers, and receiving such positive feedback, both from the centers and the students, we find ourselves with the need to continue improving.

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