Our work it is not only to reduce the impact of the products in all the stages of their life; from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling. It is also about giving the opportunity to the companies behind this products to be more respectful with the environment offering them 360° solutions around sustainability.

Modern boards, like many other modern polymer-based products, are largely dependent on using toxic, petroleum-based chemicals and materials. Common surfboards are made 99% from plastic and their composite construction makes them really hard to recycle.

Our engineer’s team and partners are working to redefine the boardsports industry into a referent of sustainable practices.
We bring solutions for the industry to change on the right direction.
We partner with manufacturers, brands and suppliers to develop new solutions that will to contribute to the common good . 


Albert lecture ISPO 2020

Thoughts about ISPO 2020

We once again went to Munich. We’ve shared, discussed, listened, and learned. The sports industry is undergoing radical change. Innovation and creativity have always been part of

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ISPO 2019

For second year in a row Good Karma Projects was present at the CSR Hub & Sustainability hall of the ISPO Messe Munchen.  ISPO Munich

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